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Vance Memorial Presbyterian Vance Memorial Presbyterian

Photo Gallery: Steinway Returns! Photo Gallery: Steinway Returns!

Steinway Returns!
Reflections of Vance History

All but 3 are original keys!

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Acknowledging a blessing

Randy and Debbie

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A closer look inside
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Very Interesting!

Very Interesting

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From a simpler time?
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Debbie tickling the ivories!

Tickling the Ivories!

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Drum-roll, please!

Drum-roll, please!

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Debbie makes sure all goes well.

Debbie's supervision is important!

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"Easy does it."

Randy Mangus being very careful!

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That's a "leg up."

That's a "leg up!"

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Almost there...

Almost there...

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Still rolling.

Still Rolling

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Did you eat your Wheaties today?

Good thing they ate their Wheaties!

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