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Vance Memorial Presbyterian Vance Memorial Presbyterian

Photo Gallery: Fuller Bike Adventure 2011 Photo Gallery: Fuller Bike Adventure 2011

Fuller Bike Adventure 2011
Bike Parking

Time to give those wheels a rest!

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Punk Helmet?

Helmet with attitude!

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Many Helping Hands

...make for light work!

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Vance Helpers!

Kitty, Rowena and Ann get ready to serve!

Mary Pasco...where did you go??? lol

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More, please!

Many riders wanted Rowena's recipe!

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...shares his passion for Free Wheelchair Mission.

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Sharing Missions

FWC Mission meets Fuller Center Riders!

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Common Ground

Fuller Center and FWM both plan long rides to

raise awareness and funding for their missions.

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MaryAnn on-the-move!

Spending many hours in the kitchen to

welcome the riders with a home-cooked meal.

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Rowena, Ann, Chuck & Nick

...wishing they were on the other

side of the table??? lol YUM!

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I am here!
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One by one...they arrived.
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I could go another 90 miles!
Riding for a good cause.
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Hey, where is our leader?
The first of the riders arrive!
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