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Vance History Quiz Vance History Quiz

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Vance History Quiz

Posted on Thu, Jun 17, 2010

Vance History Quiz


June 17th marks the birth of Vance church. 

Take the test below to see how well you know its history.


1.  James Vance built the church on farm property once  owned by his parents.

2.  The cornerstone of the church was laid before a church was formally organized. 

3. The middle name of Mr. Vance is Norman.

4.  James Vance contributed approximately $100,000 to the church building.

5. Mr. Vance never joined Vance church.

6.  Controversy surrounded the election of the first minister.

7.  The Bible Study class that met at the Leatherwood School became the nucleus of the new congregation.

8.  The second pastor, James Potter, served the church for 28 years.

9. In 1913 an expanded building was dedicated to meet  the needs of the growing congregation.

10. Behind the organ of the new church was an “invalid’s room.”



 1. The first pastor of the church was:

 A.  Mark Hanson

 B.  Jeffrey Pilson

 C.  Charles Austin

 D.  Joseph Stile

 2. The 88 club consisted of:

 A.  All members over 88 years of age.

 B.  All Members who tithed $88 in 1900.

 C.  Couples whose combined ages totaled 88.

 D.  Members committed to praying 88 minutes every week.

 3.  The Shack was:

 A.  A mission supported by Vance

 B.  The building adjacent to the church that was razed.

 C.  The room in the church where the youth group met.

 D.  A popular restaurant members frequented.

 4.  The property was deeded to the church for:

 A.  One hundred dollars

 B.  One thousand dollars

 C.  One dollar

 5.  One restriction on the property is:

 A.  It must continue as a Presbyterian Church.

 B.  It must reserve one pew in honor of the Vance family.

 C.  It must provide programming for neighborhood children.

 D.  None of the above.

 6.  The architect that designed Vance Church also designed:

 A.  Moundsville Prison

 B.  The Wheeling Bridge

 C.  The Fort Henry downtown

 D. None of the above.

 7.  Phillip Clifford, the third pastor is remembered for:

 A.  Leaving on vacation and never returning.

 B.  Protests against corruption in city government.

 C.  His strong voice.

 D.  Being beautifully bald.

 8.  Controversy arose in the middle sixties that prompted:

 A.  A questionnaire being sent to the entire  membership.

 B.  The loss of half of the membership.

 C.  The departure of the assistant minister.

 D.  The resignation of several session members.

 9.  Most pastors at Vance stayed:

 A.  Less than five years.

 B.  Stayed between 5-10 years.

 C.  Stayed over 10 years.

 10.  Church membership steadily grew up till:

 A.  The middle fifties

 B.  The late sixties, early seventies

 C.  The mid eighties




They are all TRUE except #3.


1 = C

2 = C

3 = A

4 = C

5 = A

6 = A

7 = A

8 = A

9 = B

10 = B

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